SymetrML is an innovative analytics and predictive modeling solution that brings together large scale data mining, high-speed machine learning and real-time processing (Continuous Intelligence). SymetryML offers unique features not available in other data mining solutions, including high-speed model-building, learn-and forget  functionality and real-time exploration.

AdTheorent uses advanced machine learning technology and solutions to deliver real-world value for advertisers and marketers. AdTheorent’s industry-leading machine learning platform powers its predictive targeting, geo-intelligence, proprietary relationship graph and in-house creative capability, Studio A\T. This product suite allows advertisers to identify the most qualified individuals coupled with the optimal creative experience to drive campaign performance and deliver on advertiser KPIs at scale.

BioSymetrics created the first biomedical specific machine learning framework to increase precision, shorten timelines and improve discovery. The Augusta™ software platform significantly improves time-to-market and drives innovation. Augusta Architect (v2.0) enables data scientists to automate the tasks of pre-processing and management of disparate data, with integrated analysis, feature engineering, and predictive modeling in a single, easy-to-use framework.

VeridianML develops advanced machine learning models to analyze millions of possible input combinations to generate predictions on global financial markets. These models are continuously re-training to adapt to changing market conditions, generating the most accurate predictions possible at any given time.

engageSimply is a customer acquisition company, helping brands boost their advertising results using a proprietary Topic Intelligence technology. Instead of using demographic data, cookies or existing interest classification, eS generates its own Topic Intelligence data using a patented NLP technology. This allows eS to discover and outline the real macro & micro topics that are most relevant to a brand’s audiences.

Evzdrop connects fans to their favorite influencers through music. Evzdrop is a live video & music streaming software that is integrated with Apple Music & Spotify. Evzdrop’s software combines music streaming, live video streaming, chat and more with our unique streaming technology to create one-of-a-kind live, social music moments.

TWEEDL is a SaaS platform powered by the first music social network. It gives all new artists a fair chance to be heard and a voice to music lovers to help select the next hot artists. We democratize new music discovery.

miMeetings is an innovative, corporate travel platform that develops, markets and operates an intelligent enterprise solution for the planning and managing of ground transportation for business meetings, conferences and events. miMeetings is for business driven.

Mint Comedy streams the freshest stand-up from the top comedy clubs live to any device.

Nous Entertainment uses film – including theatrical, feature-length, digital and television formats – as a vehicle for distributing inspiring narratives and entertaining stories that celebrate the strength and depth of the human intellect and its ability to create joy as well as enact change.

10 Block is a direct-to-consumer mobile content streaming platform with a patent-pending social discovery system. 10 Block was named a top 10 cutting-edge product by SXSW 2019.

Sidetime is a SaaS platform for industry experts and communities to securely share their experience and earn revenue or donations that reflect the value of their time.